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Please don't interrupt me when I'm reading

Especially not when I'm reading a story about a family of Baptists from the great state of Georgia who force their way into missionary work in 1960's Belgian Congo, who choose not to leave when rumors of "independence" start swirling, because the father/preacher is so blindly convinced of God's plan for them and God's work through them that he ignores the fact that they have nothing left to eat, and the villagers start getting mad at them, and a curse is placed on their chicken house, where they find a green mamba snake, which bites someone on the shoulder... A green mamba snake bites you too close to your heart, you have no chance of survival.

Please don't interrupt me when I'm reading about a favorite character's death, mourning that favorite character right along with all the other characters, trying to figure out how everyone will survive now right along with everyone else.

Or, if you do interrupt me, I will look sad. Tears might be slipping down my cheeks, unbidden. Don't worry. You may think something is terribly wrong, and it is. But it's nothing you've done.

Except interrupt me at the wrong time.


The aforementioned wonderful book is Barbara Kingsolver's The Poisonwood Bible. I'm almost done with it, and I HIGHLY recommend it.

Also, the aforementioned death isn't really a spoiler. It's first mentioned by page 5.