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"Erfurt" Giveaway Winners!

Happy Monday, everyone! And let me be the first to bring you good news. I don't have an envelope in my hand, but I do have your two winners for the e-book giveaway of Return to Erfurt, Story of a Shattered Childhood: 1935-1945.

Please give a big congratulations to two winners from Twitter:

James Garza (@GarzaWords) and Debbie Garrick (@DebbieTranslate)

I'll be contacting both of you shortly with how to claim your prize.

Thanks to everyone who commented and spread the word! If you're interested in purchasing your very own copy of the book, you can. There are even options: paperback or e-book.


TK: Giveaway!

Yes, you read that right. It's almost time for the First Not-Nearly-Regular-Enough-To-Be-Called-Annual A.M.C. Giveaway! (A.M.C. stands for me. Allison M. Charette. Not that similarly-named movie-related company. All rights reserved, or something.)

I've just received my box of books for The Last Love of George Sand, and boy, do they look nice. Take a look!

The Last Love of George Sand

To celebrate, I've decided to give not one, but TWO FREE COPIES away! Not today, mind, you, but when the official pub date rolls around.

So, mark your calendars for February 6. That's pub date, and that's when I'll be giving away two (yes, 2) copies of the book. For free. Should be awesome. Details TK.


P.S. "TK" is publishing-speak for "to come." Why it ended up not being a real acronym is beyond me.