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Other things...

It's great to have a well-rounded personality, right? Sometimes, I also write for other facets of my complex self. See here:

The one thing that tends to link everything I enjoy is passion. I really, really, REALLY enjoy everything that I like. The word "passion" comes to mind. Also "obsession."

I love translating, especially translating literature. I obsess over one word, jump up and down when I figure out a clever twist, and sometimes worry about boring friends and loved ones with my mile-a-minute stories of current projects and why they're so endlessly fascinating.

But I do the same thing with music, and that concert that's coming up where we get to play an opera chorus for a while.

And with knitting, and the cables that I recently mastered.

And with reading, and the two three five books I'm currently nose-deep in.

And with F1, and last week's race.

In my opinion, people are most interesting when they're interested in something. Even if I have no experience in the area, or have prior (mis-)conceptions of it, I will listen to you talk for hours if you can convey your endless interest to me in a coherent, or sometimes not even that coherent, manner.

So have at thee! What's the next awesome thing I should know about? The dark side of the moon? Fluid mechanics? Rap? Rugby? I'm up for it!