No novels from Madagascar have ever appeared in English translation.

Very few examples of any Malagasy literature exist in English.


Find English translations of French-language literature from Madagascar:

"Beyond the Rice Fields" by Naivo, published by Restless Books

Excerpt from “Nour, 1947” by Raharimanana, in Brine #2

Excerpt from "She, in Springtime" by Michele Rakotoson, in "Paris, Etc.: Writings and Illustrations" edited by Jessie Vail Aufiery

Excerpt from "Return to the Enchanted Island" by Johary Ravaloson, in Tupelo Quarterly 9

"Water in the Rice Fields up to My Knees!" by Johary Ravaloson, in Words Without Borders

Words Without Borders' December 2015 issue is chock full of short stories:

"1969" by Bao Ralambo, on The Other Stories podcast
"Rain Away" by Bao Ralambo, in Lunch Ticket

Excerpt from "Za" by Jean-Luc Raharimanana, translated by Sophie Lewis, in Words Without Borders' September 2013 issue

"Voices from Madagascar"/Voix de Madagascar, a bilingual anthology edited by Jacques Bourgeacq and Liliane Ramarosoa

  • Poetry from: Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo, Jacques Rabemananjara, and Flavien Ranaivo; also Dox, L.-X. M. Andrianarahinjaka, David Jaomanoro, Jean-Luc Raharimanana, Jean-Claude Fota, Esther Nirina, Henri Rahaingoson, Lila, and Rado

  • Short stories from: David Jaomanoro, Jean-Luc Raharimanana, Christiane Ramanantsoa, Narcisse Randriamirado, Serge Henri Rodin, Bao Ralambo, Jean-Claude Fota, Lila Ratsifandriamanana, and Alice Ravoson

"From Africa: New Francophone Stories", an anthology edited by Adele King

  • "The Ballad of a Shipwreck" by Michele Rakotoson, translated by Sara Steinert Borella

  • "Fahavalo" by Jean-Luc Raharimanana, translated by Lauren Yoder

"Afrique Book II: New plays, Togo, Madagascar, Mauritania"

  • "The Prophet and the President" by Jean-Luc Raharimanana, translated by Stephen J. Vogel

  • "The Herd" by Charlotte-Arrisoa Rafenomanjato, translated by Marjolijn de Jager

"Translations from the Night, Selected Poems of Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo", translated by John Reed and Clive Wake
"Translated from the Night" by Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo, translated by Robert Ziller
"Complete Late Poetry of Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo: A Facing-Page Translation from the Malagasy and French into English", translated by Leonard Fox

Find English translations of Malagasy-language literature from Madagascar:

Excerpt from "The Lamenting Land" by Andry Andraina, translated by Mialy Andriamananjara and Allison M. Charette, in Words Without Borders' December 2015 issue

"Hainteny: The Traditional Poetry of Madagascar" by Leonard Fox

For more information about the state of literature in Madagascar:

"Knowing the Unknowable": introduction to the December 2015 issue of Words Without Borders

"Meet Madagascar's 27-year-old Literary Ambassador": an interview

Articles on Medium from Soamiely Andriamananjara

And for French speakers:

Île en île, an invaluable resource on many Malagasy authors from Thomas Spear at CUNY

Fenitra, a blog by Naivo