Interviews, etc.


  • Viva, a TV station in Madagascar, interviews me (in French) and Farash, a Malagasy writer (in Malagasy), about the Café littéraire we ran for International Translation Day. (9/29/18)

  • Heavy Feather Review runs a conversation I had up at SUNY Potsdam with Prof. Rick Henry, with an update on all things Malagasy-literature-in-English. (8/10/18)

  • Women in Translation has a flash-freeze survey, a snapshot of things at the beginning of 2017. Here's mine. (2/10/17)

  • BookRiot includes me in an interview with twelve translators about why we do this thing that we do. (The public thinks we're "lovely" and "fascinating", too.) (2/24/16)

  • All about Madagascar: Ilana Masad interviews me about Malagasy literature for Broadly. (11/24/15)

  • I post over on Humanium's blog about my experience in Madagascar at La Maison d'Aïna, an NGO that educates poor children in rural Ambatolampy. (12/10/14)

  • Lisa Carter puts me in the spotlight over at her wonderful blog, Intralingo. (5/21/14)

  • I answer the Proust/Lydia Davis questionnaire over on the Asymptote blog, in which my secret childhood career aspirations become known to the world. (2/10/14)

  • The mysterious Dude In Publishing interviews me over on his Tumblr of true-to-life publishing GIFs. (6/25/13)

Appearances and events:

  • Breaking In, a Bridge Series event at the Center for Fiction co-hosted by the PEN Translation Committee (2/16/16, NYC)

  • Albertine Books co-hosts a launch event with Words Without Borders, celebrating "The Conspiracists," Naivo, and all of Malagasy literature (and extremely danceable music by Malagasy singer Razia Said) (12/14/15, NYC)


Christ's Childhood, Berlioz

  • Downtown Magazine's glowing review of the Berlioz concert quotes directly from the translated supertitles: "The show’s epilogue was indelible all on its own. The whole company projected of Christ’s future and ultimate sacrifice with some very simple yet heart wrenching words: 'What remains then but to bow your heads before such a wonder?'”